What is a good payout for an online casino?

You can not rely on the payout percentage in a given period of time. The casino, due to the randomness of the games, may have paid out some big jackpots this month, so the payout rates seem very good in that specific month. A fair online casino with uk mobile slots will therefore publish different payout ratios every month. Therefore, it is better to look at the payout ratios in the last 6 months. In our experience, a good payout for an online casino is 96.5% or higher, which means the casino retains 3.5% of the stakes. This is a much higher payout ratio for the player compared to land based casinos with free spins.

The casino payout percentage is a percentage that shows what percentage of a player’s bets or bets are being paid back to him. For example, if a player plays at an online casino that has a payout ratio of 97%, then on average , a bet of 100 €, 97 € will be returned to the player. The online casino in this example has a house edge over the player of 3%. Thus, a payout ratio of 97% is better for the player, than a payout ratio of 90%. Most online casinos also publish the payout percentages of individual games such as video poker, roulette, blackjack etc.

Important to note is that this payout percentage is an average number and is not guaranteed! This does not mean that you will get back € 97 every time you bet € 100, or at an online casino with an average payout of 97%.

In addition: A payout of 95% for a slot machine and 95% for another, but can still provide a very different gaming experiences for a player. The one slot machine might pay out only very rarely, but then in very high sums, while the other slot machine pays small amounts very often to the player. Both slot machines can therefore have the same payout ratio, but a player who plays both for a short time would have very different experiences.

The way in which the payout percentage of land based and online casinos is calculated is very similar. As a rule, however, online casinos have better payout rates than land-based casinos.

Different average payout ratios compared

Blackjack: 98.5%

Roulette: 97.5%

Online Slots: 95% -98%

Online casinos: 96.5%

Land based casinos in Las Vegas 91%

Keno: 75%

Horse Bets 70% – 80%

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