The best tips and tricks for mobile slots casinos

The Apprentice progressive Jackpot slots from Ozwin’s Wizard was cracked by Matthias Spielweise. € 509.27 and again € 412.50 through the free spins. We then had a total of over € 2,400 in our account. Matthias played and tried a little, but in the end we started paying out.

You could only pay out € 200 via PayPal. Unfortunately, Vera & John can only pay out every 24 hours, so we couldn’t have everything paid out at once. Via Trustly you can transfer at least € 2,000 so that we have used the payment option. A little money remained in the account, but I also needed a picture for Deco Diamonds for my article about the new slots , so we played the slot for a short time – there were small winnings, we then had € 700 in the account.

Then Matthias reached into his high roller bag of tricks again and said let’s play Ozwin’s jackpot again with low stakes. Then we get the crystals full and can possibly benefit again from the higher free spins (when collecting crystals, the coin bet for the free spins is averaged from all spins). It went up and down again (€ 400 low), but in the end Matthias was able to increase the credit again to € 900.

Please only imitate if there is enough money in the account and the loss is bearable. We were very lucky to play, everything could have been gone. If my bank and savings account had run out, we would not have been able to make a deposit at this mobile casino in the UK and would have had no chance of a comeback. Therefore, only try if there is really enough money.

Conclusion: high stakes increase the jackpot chance

At this point I have to admit that Matthias was really lucky with his rather high stakes and was able to hit a progressive jackpot at the Yggdrasil slot machine.

Still, I wouldn’t play so uninhibited myself. However, the idea is to set a credit limit and as soon as you are about to play on higher stakes it is not bad. Maybe you increase the chance of winning jackpot a little bit without risking too much.

This time it worked with Matthias’s way of playing, but ultimately the million-dollar record at Mega Moolah was reached with a small stake of 25 pence, so there is always a chance. I’m curious when Matthias will take on the Mega Moolahslot , after all it has to go on.