Winning cycle slot machines – does that really exist?

What about the fairy tale winning cycle slot machine? Is there a winning cycle in slots or is it all imagination? Do the devices work with different settings or would you like to tie a bear to us? Our experts have once again researched for you and compiled all the important information about the slot machine win cycle. We’ll tell you whether there are decisive profit factors or not. We also give you important tips along the way, so that you are guaranteed to get the most out of your game.

Let’s start with an explanation of the terms …

What exactly is meant by the slot machine win cycle ? It’s about a phase in which you win. The profit cycle is however not predictable, unfortunately we have to pull this tooth directly at this point. The subjective feeling is often different. It is not uncommon for us to perceive high and low phases that convey to us that we have the game under control or can at least predict the outcome of the next round at

A good example of a slot machine win cycle would be five wins in a row. Is that a coincidence or did you convince with your skill? Is there a certain point in time when you can assume that you will only win? Unfortunately not. Slot machines are based on random number generators. The name gives it away: luck will decide whether you lose or win. So it is possible that you win several times in a row – and that is completely random.

There may be a profit cycle, but it certainly cannot be calculated. Each lap is independent of each other, the random number generator does not evaluate how the previous lap went for you.

Slot machine win cycle: The thing about volatility

We could have ended the article right away, but in fact there is still a lot we could find out about the win cycle slot machine. All slots work with random number generators, but there are significant differences in terms of variance. The volatility determines how often a machine pays out. Accordingly, the value can be high, medium or low. When the volatility is low, you will get paid out more often. The profits are then lower. The opposite applies in the case of high volatility.

    High volatility: rare and high payouts

    Low volatility: frequent and therefore smaller payouts

At this point, experts speak of hot and cold slots: A cold slot machine is highly volatile and pays out less often. Statistically speaking, you get a smaller part of your stakes back. The opposite is true for hot slots. Nevertheless, it should be noted here that this is not a profit cycle. The predictable slot machine win cycle does not actually exist, every streak of luck is pure coincidence.

Special features affect the profits

Some slots are simple, while others are very complex. Depending on this, there are many different features to be found that can sometimes be complicated. It’s difficult to keep the here. The topic of win-cycle slot machines is also used here, but not much can be calculated here either. Features have different payout percentages, and the probabilities of the bonus games vary. Take, for example, the card risk familiar from Mercury: the probability of choosing the right card is 50%. One cannot speak of a guaranteed profit here either, as always luck decides at

Common sense also always plays a role. If you are aware that luck is responsible for the outcome both in the basic game and in every bonus round, you should exercise caution and keep an eye on your own balance. This is definitely an important tip when it comes to minimizing losses as much as possible.

Do bonus promotions affect the profit cycle?

Perhaps you are using free spins or bonus credits to play a slot of your choice and have the feeling that there is simply not a good round here? Here, too, a subjective feeling can be heard. You might think that the operators did this extra to have to pay out as little money as possible. Of course, this is also impossible, because the same random number generators are used for bonus credits and free games that we know from real money games .

So it doesn’t matter whether you play with real money or with a bonus: the odds are always the same. It is up to you how much money or bonus balance you want to wager. That’s all you can control because you have no control over the slot machine win cycle.

Online casinos vs. traditional casinos

Are you wondering if there are any differences in the win cycle when playing at the online casino? More and more casino fans are choosing a German online casino instead of traditional casinos. What you choose is of course up to you. However, there are a few differences that need to be considered: